Convicted Driver Insurance (for HM Forces)

You’ve been previously convicted of a driving offense and you are struggling with large increases on premium or simply being declined from the policies you would like?

We help convicted drivers where they have been declined, refused or quoted sky high premiums get a policy that suits their needs.

Reclaim your No Claims Bonus (NCB) no matter how long ago it expired*

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Do you have points on your license?
Have you previously been banned or disqualified from driving?
Do you have spent convictions in the past year?
Are you a young driver with convictions?

At Forces Solutions we provide cover when other insurers either decline or increase your premium substantially.

Finding competitive vehicle insurance is always a challenge with the so many providers in the market. This becomes even harder if you have points on your licence.

Having a motoring conviction doesn’t suddenly make you a bad driver. Our policies and our advisors consider your individual circumstances, we are not here to judge you, but simply to find you a policy that suits your needs and your budget.

Insurers use many different criteria when accessing your risk motor related misdemeanours.

Penalty points range depending on the severity of the offence. No offence is minor. At the lower end of the scale is points for speeding leading up to more severe incidents such as driving under the influence of alcohol which will almost result in a driving ban.

Don’t let your car insurance policy be disruptive to your lifestyle or cause you problems with your job, speak to us today, we have access to specialist policies suited to your needs.

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* This offer applies to previously convicted drivers and is subject to validation


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