Is the registered address on your policy up to date? If not, this could invalidate your policy!

UK motorists are being warned that even a simple mistake as not declaring or updating the correct address or having the car’s registered address different from your own, could see your insurance invalidated.


The cost of motor insurance is based on a number of factors, known as, ‘Material Facts’. These are the various details which determine the price you pay for your insurance.

One of these very important ‘Material Facts’ is your address.

Insurers will determine a rating for the area in which you live. Depending on the claims experience and crime rates for your postcode. The areas that have higher rates of theft or break-ins will make them ‘high risk’. Even the type of property where your car is normally kept can have a bearing on your premium.

So, please ensure that your address is correct when applying for insurance and then inform your insurer of any change of address.


This is just as relevant for those who are serving and living on a military base. Even though you may only return home at weekends or holidays your residence is the military base.

Insurers could refuse to pay out your claim if they find the address to be false or incorrect.

In an article by Luke John Smith that was published in the Express, 23rd April 2018, Matt Oliver from ‘Go Compare’ said, “Failing to notify your insurer of changes of circumstances, including address, could actually result in you being refused when claiming on your insurance.”

We urge those who serve, to always use their base address, especially if you insure with us at Forces Solutions.

We do not apply ‘loadings’ for military base addresses, but we also give a generous ‘behind the wire’ discount.

Forces Solutions cannot stress how important an address can be. Having an insurance policy voided can prove to be very problematic, not only for any claim process, but also sourcing future insurance, as this would need to be declared. Many insurers, including some of the UK’s largest, can decline cover.

  WHERE TO NEXT?        

 By its very nature, serving in the Armed Forces means moving around.

That would suggest that a standard motor insurance policy will often be inadequate as it is does not allow for multiple changes.

Forces Solutions was established to resolve issues such as this.

As the only UK motor insurance broker providing cover for UK (including Northern Ireland), BFG & SHAPE, not only do we discount policies for those who live on base, but we do not charge administrative fees for any change of address.

We recognise that moving from base to base is part of the military lifestyle.

You may move from a low risk area to a high-risk area, or vice versa, which will affect your premiums, Forces Solutions will not charge an administrative fee.

When your car insurance is due for renewal, remember 


We do not trade via aggregator sites. We provide a personal service noting your individual requirements every time.

We are waiting for your call so we can protect you, while you protect us.

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