Forces Solutions reach’s milestone… 100 Reviews


Forces Solution’s the home of “Forces Motor Insurance” has received its 100th independent customer review.

In an age of e-commerce and the readily availability of information prospective customers use every channel available when making purchasing decisions. This can be from booking a hotel or restaurant to purchasing financial products. Customers are looking at the experiences of other’s when dealing with a firm or looking at a product recommendation. It’s important to give customers the opportunity to comment on your services equally as important is to make sure you get things right and in the off chance you don’t, quickly learn from your errors and put things right.

Sandip commented: “As a new business especially in a specialist market, it’s important to allow our customers to comment on our service provision, especially in a community where recommendation is such a prominent distribution channel. When we set up Forces Solutions not only did, we want to be a premier provider of products to the Forces starting with Forces Car Insurance. Wanting to take a slightly different approach of offering a more personalised service where we would view those who dealt with us not as customers or members but as friends. Happy to offer advise even if our products were unsuitable given the needs of the individual.”

Reviews is an independent review service which allows customers the opportunity to leave feedback on the service they have had. As its controlled independently customers have the opportunity to leave either positive or negative reviews with all being published.

Lea Cheesbrough commented: “We are extremely proud of Forces Solutions to get 100 reviews in a short space of time with 95% rated at 5 stars with a 99% recommendation rate is really pleasing.” She further commented: “When we acquired Forces Solutions recognising it was a new business which needed some incubation, what was encouraging was the approach taken by the Forces team their methodology and ethos to providing Insurance to the Forces was inspiring. To see this echoed by the many number of positive reviews left by customers just confirms what we already knew.”

We want to extend our extreme gratitude to those who have supported us in what is the start of the journey. Paying tribute to the great partners who have helped us put together a fantastic proposition from the main core insurers to the partners who provide our ancillary products such as Legal expenses cover, Guaranteed Hire Car, Breakdown and Key cover, these partners not only have embraced the unique needs of the Forces but have been supportive in assisting us put together our proposition. Without the help and support of these we would never have been able to make our dream come alive for that we thank you and this milestone is as much about you as it is Forces Solutions.

Forces Solutions was set up to provide such much-needed choices in the provision of Forces Motor Insurance, being the only UK broker who will provide Military Motor Insurance for those based in the UK (Inc NI), British Forces Germany (BFG) and NATO SHAPE Insurance.

If you wish to see the comments left by customers please visit the Forces Solutions Website.

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