Forces Solutions Visits SHAPE: A Vibrant and thriving British Community

Forces Solutions had the honour and pleasure of visiting SHAPE on the 10th May 2019, we were invited and hosted by Flt Sgt Mark Worsencroft and Community Liaison Officer Felicity Barton.

Having been doing overseas NATO Insurance for over 10 years, SHAPE was always somewhere I wanted to visit.  One of my greatest regrets was I was never able to visit JHQ (HQ BFG) in Rheindahlen during the height of its power and when I did visit JHQ, it was 6 months before it closed and at that time it had become tired and dated.  I would have like to have gone there a few years earlier.

I had a very high expectation of SHAPE and the initial upon arrival was this is living up to my expectations.

Mark was there to meet us and was a wonderful host, he showed us around and was on hand to answer all our questions.

The main event was a “Town hall” event where the British community attends to get important local updates and a forum to address questions to the SHAPE hierarchy.

The event started by the CO Air Cdre Bessant addressing the community and commending the closeness and cooperation of the British Community, this got be thinking about the need for such a community especially in a foreign nation in amongst other nations.  It was such a warm address and real acknowledgment from a senior officer on how the community was thriving.  We also saw some community awards given out to real worthy winners.

Following the “Town Hall “event we were invited to attend a function at the newly refurbished Britannia bar where we set up a stand and were on hand to answer any question raised.

We were accompanied by Astrid Rombey who I have known over 10 years, Astrid runs Culpecks which is a German broker providing NATO Insurance and works with Forces Solutions in assisting with customers we are unable to service.

I was overwhelmed with the response and feedback we received with customers coming over and thanking us for providing a service.  A few even provided some really good suggestions on how we can improve on what we do, suggestions which have been taken onboard and looking to implement.

Given the way we operate we also were asked to venture into additional products applying our methodology in bring additional products for the SHAPE community, again something which is in the pipeline.

Overall not only was the visit highly enjoyable, myself and the Forces Solutions team concluded that this was highly worthwhile and meeting such wonderful people and a vibrant community had by far exceeded our expectations.  To see the community in force and how those who had common issues and worries being in a foreign country came together was really proud.  In a time where the UK is going through some tough and challenging times to see a group of people coming together was testament to the community and those who support the community.

Forces Solutions have made the commitment to support SHAPE and will do as long as there is a need for us.

We want to work closely with the community in providing Insurance products that are not only fit for purpose as well as providing as much value as possible with motor insurance today but looking at adding additional product in the future.

We are extremely grateful to both Mark & Felicity for helping facilitate the visit and I am confident this will not be our one and only visit to SHAPE.

On a final note I think its fair to say we have gone someway to repaying back Mark, being based in Leicester, the Forces Solutions team supported Derby County FC in its bid to get promoted back to the Premier League.

If you want some more information regarding our offerings in SHAPE please visit our dedicated NATO SHAPE Insurance page on the website.

Forces Solutions was set up to offer some much needed choices to the Forces community.  We are the only UK based broker who will offer Forces Motor Insurance to any customers based in SHAPE both new and existing.

The Forces Solutions team have experience in providing Military Motor Insurance for over 20 years combined including the provision of NATO Motor Insurance overseas.

As signees of the Armed Forces Covenant, we have pledged to provide services to those who serve and to ensure they meet no disadvantage in the provision.

If you are newly posted to SHAPE or have a renewal coming up with another provider give us a try, we would be delighted to hear from you.

All our specialist Forces Motor Insurance policies come with free Local assistance breakdown and Key cover for your entire family.

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