Make sure your car is properly insured

A YEAR or so ago I remember hearing about a driver in Huddersfield had his car seized by the Police because his insurance didn’t cover his commute to work.  This serves as a reminder that selecting the right cover you need as a Service person is extremely important, but unfortunately it is frequently overlooked.

You don’t need to have an accident for problems to surface, as the unfortunate driver in Huddersfield found out.

The Police have instant access to records held on the Motor Insurance Database and insurance companies are obliged to enter into the database vehicle and driver details including the type of use the vehicle will be put to.

Typically, we have a choice of ‘use’ insurers will offer – “Social, Domestic & Pleasure including Commuting”, “SDP and Business Use” Or just “Social, Domestic & Pleasure Only” which means that no cover will be provided to and from work!

A number of personnel living in MLA’s adjacent to their military base will have selected this cover believing that a brisk walk or cycle trip will do the job. But horrendous weather may make the journey by car the better option and so the option including commuting should be selected.

Often the cover is available at no extra cost, but you would be wiser to select from the outset or at renewal, as insurers and brokers will often add admin charges to reflect the cost of reissuing the documents, if you do this mid-term.

In addition to commuting (which means to one usual place of business) Service personnel will often be required to visit more than one military location (perhaps for training purposes) and this requires an extra category of cover being selected. This is known as Class 1 Business Use and this cover will be required if the driver wishes to claim expenses using the JPA system.

Forces Solutions has addressed this issue and all their policies provide Class 1 Business Use free of charge.

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