Meerkats, Singing Oprah singers, Money Supermarkets.. Confused???

Meerkats, Singing Oprah singers, Money Supermarkets.. Confused???

We live in a world of e-commerce and like to purchase all our goods and services online in the convenience of our own homes 24/7, 365 days a year without being reliant on opening times.

We see all the adverts telling us that comparison sites are a good channel especially for Insurance and the best deals are available here.

After all you may think that motor insurance is not complicated and any company which is authorised and regulated will know their stuff and should give the confidence when purchasing from them.

Unfortunately, when it comes to arranging Insurance for members of HM Forces dealing with someone who doesn’t understand the Forces lifestyle could be rather frustrating and you could end up with the wrong type of cover.

Most Civilians have similar requirements so arranging cover using mass channels such as comparison sites or direct insurers such as Direct Line and Aviva often don’t offer advised sales and will only provide information about their product and price based on the answers you provide to their question sets.


What’s the Big Deal?

When it comes to members of HM Forces, their families including contractors working alongside, the unique lifestyle can often fall foul of the various restrictions and exclusions that exist in standard motor insurance policies.

If you are due to be posted overseas, most UK insurers/Brokers will be unable to insure you this even extends to Northern Ireland, even if you are based in the UK mainland if you live on a Military base you will often find that the premium is increased if the postcode reveals a military location.  With more and more insurers going down the credit checking route more and more people will fail their checks if you reside in shared accommodation as you are probably not on the electoral register.

That aside you have found a great deal online and despite the above issue your happy to proceed, now think about where you live and work, almost every insurer frequently has written into the policy an exclusion which excludes cover if a vehicle is used within the area defined as “Airside” as often this “area” is expanded to cover military locations.

Next point is how you will use your vehicle, as most personnel are required to use their own vehicles and claim the mileage back via JPA.  In order to make a successful claim you need to demonstrate you have the necessary business use to allow you to travel to alternative locations.  Again, most insurers/brokers may not understand this and either will decline cover or charge an additional premium as they may have concerns around service personnel moonlighting, not knowing that the cover required is only for travel to a different location for any meetings or training.

Final point is most offerings on comparison sites are based on stripping the policy down to the minimum to offer a great headline rate with the intention of charging excessive fees for any amendments.  As deployment can happen at anytime and having to pay a fee on top of an additional premium for moving locations as a result of service requirements rather than a lifestyle choice can be harsh.

The point being is Insurance online is great for certain people but those who have special requirements really need to speak to specialist suppliers who not only understand your requirements but has experience of servicing them.

Forces Solutions have over 20 years combined experience of serving Forces Personnel both in the UK and overseas.  Our polices have been adapted to meet and cater for all the unique requirements you may have.   In addition, we have signed the Armed Forces Covenant to ensure we meet its primary function which is to ensure no serving personnel or associated civil servant, their families, reservists and veterans don’t meet any disadvantage.  With the additional pledge to only deal with “Forces Friendly” insurers to ensure we source the best products that not only give you the cover you need as well as giving as much value for money as possible.

Our policies come with no Military exclusions and Business use is added free of charge, we also do not charge any admin fees for changing of address recognising the lifestyle of HM Forces. (Please note Insurers can charge for changing an address if you move from a low risk area to a higher risk area)

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