Major trading partner signs Armed Forces Covenant…

Strategic Insurance Services Limited a leading provider of ancillary insurance products has signed the Armed Forces Covenant.

Since the inception of Forces Solutions Ltd April 2018, we have been working in partnership with Strategic Insurance Services around the provision of added value products.  We started the relationship with the provision of a guaranteed vehicle car hire as part of our flagship Solutions Protect legal expenses policy which not only gave you valuable uninsured loss recovery protection in the event of a non-fault incident but also a guaranteed hire car in the event of a courtesy car not being available.

Strategic Insurance Services agreed to look at this even when it looked challenging as we needed to add the provision for Belgium and Germany.  Challenge accepted Strategic were able to put together a product which ticked all the boxes.

The next product was Breakdown; having put this out to tender to ensure we had a look at a variety of suppliers once again Strategic came forward and put together the most comprehensive package. Again, where others struggled with the provision overseas, Strategic were able to understand the requirements and put together a suitable product.

The newest product we are working with Strategic on is Excess Protection insurance. This will be launched January 2020 and in true Forces Solutions and Strategic style will be available for those based both in the UK and overseas.

Forces Solutions Commented:

“We are always looking to work with suppliers who not only understand the Forces but can put their needs at the forefront and put together a proposition which not only gives those who serve the cover they need at prices they deserve”

“We encourage our suppliers to embrace the needs of the Forces and ask them to commit to getting involved with the Armed Forces Covenant, that way we can demonstrate to our customers that we only work with Forces Friendly Insurers”

Strategic Insurance Services commented:

“We have been supporting Forces Solutions from Day 1 and are really pleased to be on this journey with them.  We have good experience in putting together niche and bespoke products so when approached about the challenges around Forces Insurance provision’ especially overseas, this was something we knew we could assist with. Now we have a good understanding of the needs of the Forces we are keen to work with Forces Solutions in bringing more products to market.  To show our commitment to both Forces Solutions and the Armed Forces generally, we are proud to have signed the Armed Forces Covenant to show our commitment to ensuring members of HM Forces, Veteran, Reservists and their families are not disadvantaged in any way when dealing with Strategic.”

When it comes to providing an Insurance motor proposition it’s not just the core insurer that’s plays an important role it’s the additional products that enhance the cover and provide cover in areas where the insurer doesn’t.

We are extremely grateful to all our suppliers and this allows us to offer valuable cover at competitive prices of which Strategic Insurance Services play a vital role.


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