Forces Motor Legal Expenses

Forces Solutions have partnered with both Arc legal assistance & Strategic Insurance Services to bring a unique motor legal expenses policy which includes a guaranteed hire car in the event of your vehicle being un driveable following a road traffic accident, suffers fire or malicious damage or is stolen. The cover is available in the UK, Germany, Belgium and Holland.

With our Solutions Protect Diamond you will get a guaranteed hire car for a period up to 28 days (subject to Terms and Conditions).

We understand that following an incident getting back on the road is important to you, especially as if the incident was your fault and you are unable to claim the cost of hiring a car.

We will provide you with a courtesy car if the repairers can’t

This will be extremely valuable as any courtesy car provided by your motor insurance policy is subject to limited availability and only whilst your car is being repaired. We will provide you with a replacement hire vehicle where you cannot get a courtesy car from your repairer, or the courtesy car is not available in good time.

Once the vehicle has been declared a ‘Total Loss’ no courtesy car will be available and this is also when your Guaranteed Hire Replacement Vehicle will be made available.

In the UK a standard right-hand drive vehicle will be provided. In Germany, Belgium and Holland you will be given a choice of either right hand or left-hand drive vehicles, subject to availability.

We will try our best to ensure you get a suitable replacement, however this is dependent of the suppliers we use.

If your vehicle is deemed a total loss (written off) this policy will give you the opportunity to be mobile whilst awaiting assessment and settlement from your insurers.

Please note that Any claim to be made must be notified within 14 days of the incident occurring. If you did need to use the cover, you would also have to pay for the cost of fuel, fares, fines or additional expenses imposed throughout the use of the hire vehicle.

Why Choose a Solutions Motor Legal Protection Policy?

Arc Legal assistance Ltd Underwritten by AmTrust Europe Limited

  • Motor Legal Protection provides insurance to cover up to £100,000 for advisers’ costs for certain types of legal action(s)

Uninsured Loss Recovery

  • To pursue damages claims arising from a road traffic accident against those whose negligence has caused you to suffer loss of your insurance policy excess or other out of pocked expenses

Motor Prosecution Defence

  • To defend a legal action in respect of a motoring offence, arising from your use of the vehicle

Personal Injury

  • To pursue damages claims arising from a road traffic accident whilst you are in, boarding or alighting the vehicle against those whose negligence has caused your injury or death

24/7 Legal Advice Helpline

  • You’ll have 24/7 access to a free legal Advice Helpline, available 365 days of the year
  • You can use the helpline service to discuss any legal problem occurred
  • This telephone service provides information on general health issues, and non-diagnostic information on medical matters. Information can be given on a wide variety of topics and on resources that provide further support
  • This service can help with a range of problems from practical everyday matters to sensitive or emotional issues. Our specialists will help you deal with personal relationship problems, problems with colleagues in the workplace and other issues affecting your general well being
  • Counsellors and information specialists are also trained to help you with practical problems like debt.

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