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Many Insurers online have airside/quayside exclusions which stipulate that cover will not be provided if your vehicle is parked in an area deemed as an “airside”. We of course recognise that most MoD locations are defined by this, this exclusion exists in the policies of some of the UK’s major insurers.

Forces Solutions have built a Military Motor Insurance policy with you in mind that’s why our policies come packed with useful benefits such as Free business use so you can validate any JPA claims. Laid up cover which gives you a rebate if you are deployed on any tours or exercise and no military exclusions ensuring you have that extra piece of mind.

We are experienced enough to be able to cope with any situation you find yourself in and can usually help find you a solution. The more unique your circumstances the more we relish the challenge.

That’s why we are the UK’s only broker who will provide Military Motor Insurance to those based in the UK (inc NI), BFG & SHAPE regardless if you’re a new or existing customer.

If you’re returning home from Cyprus and require an Insurer who will allow you to register a vehicle using the chassis number? No problem, we can do it. If you have returned from an overseas posting and have foreign No Claims Bonus? We are able to consider this. If you have little or zero No Claims bonus? We can provide you with a generous driving experience discount in place of a No Claims bonus.

Not only can we provide you Military Motor Insurance we can also provide you with additional ancillary products to help supplement your policy. Our legal expenses cover includes a guaranteed hire car for 28 days not only in the UK but also in BFG & SHAPE. Our breakdown cover is free for local assistance with the option to upgrade at a discounted price and all policies come with a Free Keycare policy giving you worldwide family cover for any lost keys and replacement locks.

Our policies have been especially negotiated with our insurance companies to provide the cover you need:

We use a small panel of specially selected Insurers who have either signed up to or are supportive of the Armed Forces Covenant to ensure that our products are fit for purpose and can accommodate the unique requirements of HM Forces, associated civilians, Reservists and Veterans. This panel is reviewed regularly. You may ask for a list of Insurers we deal with for these products.

We are fully approved and recognised Insurance broker for British Forces Germany and other NATO locations such as S.H.A.P.E

Our polices are tailored to assist with the unique requirements of covering personnel overseas, including offering suitable add on policies which will cater for these requirements.


Our Forces Cover Includes

Forces Friendly

Unlike mainstream Insurance Companies, Brokers and the numerous Price Comparison websites available we provide cover only from ‘Forces Friendly’ Insurers. All our staff are insurance professionals who undergo intensive training on the needs of Service personnel and have unique experience in setting up special schemes for the benefit of HM Forces.

On Base & Airside Cover

Many insurers restrict cover in areas identified as ‘Airside’ and a number extend this to include Military bases. We not only provide full cover we may also be able to provide you with additional discounts if you live ‘behind the wire’.

Business Use

Once again a number of insurers refuse cover or charge excessive additional premiums to provide the extra cover needed.
We will allow ‘free’ Business Use allowing you to recover expenses from the JPA system.

Pan European Cover

Our policy covers you 24/7 for use throughout Europe and for those deployed at BFG or SHAPE we provide one simple document which provides cover compatible with DVLA, SHAPE and BFG VLO requirements. Ideal for personnel returning to the UK following the end of their deployment.

Laid Up Cover

If you are deployed and your vehicle can be taken off the road, cover can be reduced to just Fire & Theft or Accidental Damage, Fire & Theft at a fraction of the normal daily premium with your credit being used against future adjustments or at the next renewal.
Subject to terms and conditions

Acceptance of Foreign No Claims Discount

Many insurers do not accept proof of No Claims Discount earned outside the UK. This could be a significant problem if you arrange cover on a Price Comparison website and the insurer then refuses to accept when the policy is issued.
We will accept foreign No Claims Discount from all locations.

Driving Experience Discount

Due to the lifestyle of Service personnel many customers are unable to obtain the discounts civilians obtain.


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