NATO SHAPE Motor Insurance

If you are based at SHAPE, you will need specialist NATO SHAPE Motor Insurance. Specialist in providing NATO Car Insurance we can provide you with the cover you need which not only meets the requirements of the SHAPE VLO along with all the benefits you can expect from a Military Motor Insurance specialist we are able to provide the 365-day green card cover along with all other documentation you require.

We are also able to accept no claims bonus from Belgian insurers so if you want to move over to us, we can accommodate we will also cover Left Hand Drive (LHD) vehicles and will accept EU Licences without adding anything extra to the premium. Our NATO SHAPE Motor Insurance policy allows you have all the benefits of a UK policy whilst based overseas. One document will fit all so when you move back to the UK, we can keep the policy going we just need to change the address.

Motor Insurance for SHAPE
(Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe)

The subject of motor insurance can be very complex as many insurance companies in the UK (including some of the better-known large companies) cannot insure your car with policies issued by their UK office.

Benefits of Our Cover

FORCES SOLUTIONS are a fully approved and recognised Insurance broker for SHAPE and all the benefits we’ve outlined for our UK/BFG customers apply equally for SHAPE:

On Base & Airside Cover

We not only provide full cover we may also be able to provide you with additional discounts if you live ‘behind the wire’.

Business Use

We will allow ‘free’ Business Use allowing you to recover expenses from the JPA system.

Laid Up Cover

If you are deployed and your vehicle can be taken off the road, cover can be reduced to just Fire & Theft or Accidental Damage, Fire & Theft at a fraction of the normal daily premium with your credit being used against future adjustments or at the next renewal. Subject to terms and conditions.

Acceptance of Foreign No Claims Discount

We will accept foreign No Claims Discount from any local insurer.

Driving Experience Discount

Due to the lifestyle of Service personnel many customers are unable to obtain the discounts local residents might obtain. We provide a discount similar to a No Claims Discount which is based upon recent accident and conviction free driving experience even if you have no recent insurance history.

Claims Service

We are very experienced at handling claims in Belgium and offer a local accident repair service, which not only provides an excellent repair facility will also collect and return your car to your door. Irrespective of whether the Third Party is to blame or not you will be entitled to a courtesy car whilst your car is being prepared.

Pan European Cover

Our policy covers you 24/7 for use throughout Europe and for those deployed at SHAPE we automatically provide an annual Green Card.
At present there is much discussion in the BREXIT negotiations on what documentation will be necessary for motorists to demonstrate that they have adequate cover in force after 29th March 2019.
Whether it’s an annual Green Card or a Pan European Certificate of Insurance we are ready to provide whatever documentation you require and this will be issued to you immediately your policy is arranged or mid-term if you are an existing customer and new regulations need to be implemented.
If new documentation is required no charge will be made to you to provide this facility.

Insurance Premium Tax (IPT)

Unlike UK residents, if you are based overseas as part of the NATO Status of Forces Agreement (SoFA), you will not be liable to pay the Insurance Premium Tax (IPT).


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