Forces car insurance for young drivers

Young drivers in the Armed Forces can find it challenging to get car insurance that is affordable and suitable for their military lifestyle.

Many new drivers don’t realise until they need to make a claim, that a regular car insurance policy won’t meet their needs. In fact, only a few car insurance providers cater for the unique requirements of Armed Forces personnel.

Forces Solutions has teamed up with ingenie, the specialists in black box young driver car insurance, to bring young servicemen and women insurance cover tailored to them.


ingenie was created for young drivers who tend to get unfairly judged as high risk by insurance companies, resulting in high premiums. With ingenie, drivers are treated as individuals and rewarded with regular discounts off their insurance price for driving well.

Car insurance tailored for you

  • Cover whenever you’re on a HM Forces base, grounds, airside or quayside
  • Business use policies mean you can make JPA claims
  • Move between UK bases
  • Drive where you want with no curfews

Benefits Forces Solutions now offer

  • Cheaper cover – save around £400* upfront on your insurance and more at renewal if you’ve driven well throughout the year.
  • Rewards for great driving – challenge yourself to drive better and earn up to 21% extra off your premium.
  • Young Driver insurance specialists – we’re working with ingenie so we can supply you cost effective insurance cover to suit your working needs.

Why choose an ingenie box policy?

The answer here is simple: with ingenie you pay for your young driver insurance based on how you drive, not how others drive.

You’ll be covered to drive as soon as you buy, and after the box is fitted in your car you’ll get feedback on your driving with our free app. Every 10 days we’ll update your driving score based on your speed, acceleration, cornering and braking. We’ll review your price 3 times a year and you could get up to 21% of your premium back for good driving**.

Learn more about an ingenie policy

*Based on all ingenie customers June ‘17 to July ‘18
**Your premium could increase for poor driving


How to save money on your annual car insurance

  • We fit a box in your car that tells us about your speed, acceleration, braking and cornering
  • Once we’ve built up a picture of your driving style, we’ll start sending you feedback
  • We’ll review your price 3 times a year and you could get up to 21% of your premium back for good driving**
  • There’s more savings when you renew for your second year, with our drivers paying an average of £563 less than in year one

Young Driver Insurance provided via an introduction to ingenie Services Limited, ingenie is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 568113)

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